“My Mom Wanted To Poison Me” Gospel Singer Winner Mash Mwana Shares Transformational Journey.

In a recent interview, celebrated gospel singer Mash Mwana courageously delved into the painful chapters of his past, shedding light on the tumultuous period before he found solace in faith. The Groove Award-winning artist recounted a harrowing incident from his dark past, revealing that his mother had once contemplated ending his life.

During an episode of NTV’s cross-over on January 22, Mash shared the gripping narrative of his salvation journey, detailing the turbulent phase he endured before finding redemption. He disclosed that his mother had considered poisoning him, a revelation that added a profound layer to his transformational story.

Recalling his mother’s chilling words, Mash said, “The other day my mum told me, ‘I wanted to kill you. I wanted to poison you so you could die and save the family from seeing you lying dead on the streets.” It became evident that his mother’s actions were driven by fear and a desperate attempt to shield the family from potential disgrace associated with being part of a religious family grappling with criminal accusations.

Explaining further, Mash expressed, “She did not want people to say, ‘See the pastor’s son is being killed for being a criminal and all that disgrace. She wanted to avoid it by poisoning me.”

The award-winning musician went on to reveal that a transformative moment in his life occurred during his time at a Bible school. “And that is when I met God. God can transform me because I am ready. God can use and, from that point, bring testimony to my life, to my parents.”

Mash Mwana’s story serves as a testament to the power of faith and redemption, showcasing that even in the darkest moments, a path of transformation and healing can emerge.