Tiktoker Rish Kamunge: Kanyari is Very Cute I’m  Ready To Marry Him, Nimzalie Watoto watatu

Renowned Kenyan TikTok star Rish Kamunge has finally opened up about her feelings for the controversial Pastor Kanyari, who has recently gained significant attention on the platform.

At just 23 years old, Rish Kamunge is already living a luxurious lifestyle in the city, owning her own mansion and running a successful travel agency that has earned her millions. Despite her success, she has publicly declared her immense crush on Pastor Kanyari.

Rish expressed her growing affection for Kanyari, condemning those who have tarnished his reputation among Kenyans. She described Kanyari as charismatic and attractive, believing he is destined to be her husband. Kamunge is eager to marry the pastor and has even envisioned having three children with him. She emphasized her readiness and commitment to this future, stating that Kanyari is the man she has been waiting for.

In her own words, “Kanyari is cute, and I’m ready to marry him and have three children.” Rish made it clear that she is financially independent and seeks nothing but genuine love from the pastor. This declaration comes at a time when Kanyari himself has announced his search for a wife.