“Kaveve Kazoze” 10 Things You Should Know About Ngesh, The Queen Of Vasho

In the vibrant town of Naivasha, Kenya, a talented young lady named Ngesh is making waves in the music industry. Naivasha, affectionately known as Vasho to the locals, is a hub of creative energy, and Ngesh is poised to leave her mark on the music scene.

Ngesh’s musical journey commenced with her older brother, who recognized her natural talent and encouraged her to pursue her passion. He invited her to collaborate on a song, introducing her to the world of Gengetone music—an immensely popular genre in Kenya that fuses hip-hop, dancehall, and Genge beats. Enthralled by the raw and energetic sound, Ngesh fell in love with the music and resolved to chase her dreams.

To sustain herself financially, Ngesh works as a street vendor, selling sling bags in the bustling streets of Nairobi. Through her determination and hard work, she has managed to earn a modest living while never losing sight of her ultimate goal: to become a successful musician.

Ngesh’s brother and a few close friends, who share her passion for music, joined forces to create a musical group called Spider Clan. Countless hours were spent refining their craft, writing lyrics, and perfecting their performances. However, Ngesh’s powerful voice and charismatic presence quickly elevated her to the status of the group’s standout star.

Building on her success, Ngesh mustered the courage to embark on a solo career and released her debut single, “Dem Dem.” The song exemplifies her unique style and has captured the attention of music enthusiasts throughout Kenya. Her infectious beats and clever lyrics, particularly the viral phrase “Cash crop ya Nyandarua ni mawaru,” have propelled her into the spotlight, generating a rapidly growing fanbase and gaining viral status on the internet.

Despite her newfound fame, Ngesh remains grounded and resolute in her musical pursuits. Her objective is to push boundaries and bring a fresh perspective to the Gengetone genre. In interviews, she articulates her desire to create music that resonates with people’s everyday lives while shedding light on important social issues.

Ngesh’s popularity continues to soar, and her energetic stage presence and captivating performances have led to a remarkable increase in her performance rate, now standing at an impressive 300,000 Ksh.

Her parents, who have been unwavering pillars of support since the beginning, watch with pride as their daughter’s star continues to rise. Ngesh’s talent and dedication have garnered attention from the media, leading to her first television appearance and mainstream interview with Dr. Ofwene on TV 47. This interview offered her fans a glimpse into her life, highlighting her humble beginnings that resonate with many.

Having completed her secondary education up to Form Four, Ngesh has also sought to expand her knowledge and acquire new skills to enhance her creativity. She has attended local training centers to learn skills such as making bed covers and other bedroom items, constantly striving to broaden her horizons.

Ngesh has made it clear that she is single and available. She prioritizes character over looks, expressing her preference for someone who understands and can support her dreams rather than solely relying on physical attractiveness.