Catherine Muringo :I bought Ksh.700K Car 3 months after getting into Mitumba business -

Catherine Muringo :I bought Ksh.700K Car 3 months after getting into Mitumba business

Some time ago, Catherine Muringo left the people of Kenya astounded when she unveiled her acquisition of a Ksh 700K car merely three months after commencing her venture into the Mitumba business. Catherine recounted how her enterprise dealing in second-hand clothing flourished to the extent that she reaped substantial profits within a remarkably brief period.

A portion of the Kenyan populace, however, greeted this assertion with skepticism. They found it difficult to fathom how such a significant stride could be taken in such a short span of time.

But how did Catherine Muringo initiate her Mitumba business? Her foray into the second-hand clothing business transpired 9 years ago, at a time when there were only a handful of players in the market. In an interview with The Standard, Catherine unveiled that her decision to venture into the realm of Mitumba clothing came after her previous salon business faltered.

Facing devastation and despair due to the failure of her salon venture, Catherine found herself with a mere capital of Ksh. 2000 to embark on a new endeavor.

Fortuitously, the Mitumba business landscape had relatively few contenders, making it a relatively straightforward journey for her.

“I commenced the enterprise with a modest sum of 2000 shillings. During that period, we encountered minimal challenges as the business was not yet saturated,” she recounted.

With the Ksh. 2000 at her disposal, Catherine headed to the Korogocho market, where she selected a collection of children’s clothing. To her astonishment, this selection yielded a return of Ksh. 9000.

In due course, Catherine crossed paths with an affable supplier who acquainted her with a diverse array of bales, elevating the profitability of her venture.

At present, Catherine Muringo presides over a multi-million Mitumba enterprise in Gikomba, which involves the importation of bales from overseas.

“I have a preference for Canadian bales due to their cleanliness. I also source from Australia and the UK, with minimal acquisitions from the US and China. Initially, I was unaware of the disparities between bales from China, Canada, the UK, or Australia; my purchases used to be rather random,” she elucidated.

The Remarkable Acquisition of a Nissan X-TRAIL Car in 3 Months

During an interview with NTV, Catherine Muringo set tongues wagging across Kenya by revealing that she had procured her first car, a Nissan X-TRAIL valued at Ksh. 700K, a mere three months after embarking on her Mitumba business journey.

Catherine elaborated on how her profits burgeoned in such a brief period that she was able to make this impressive purchase.

“Things were remarkably favorable. Within the span of three months, I had amassed sufficient resources to acquire a second-hand Nissan X-TRAIL worth Ksh. 700K,” she recounted.