Brian Chira’s Grandmother Reveals Why His Burial Will Take Long.

Brian Chira’s grandmother, his sole remaining guardian, has recently decided to share her thoughts on the burial arrangements for her grandson, who tragically passed away in an unexpected accident.

Since Chira’s untimely demise, his grandmother has been emotionally distressed, making it difficult for her to address the matter of his burial promptly. The family is currently grappling with the daunting decision of where to lay him to rest. There is a notable ambiguity surrounding whether he will be buried in Githunguri, Kagwe area, or elsewhere.

The uncertainty stems from ongoing negotiations among family members and stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. These discussions are crucial as they aim to reach a unanimous agreement on the final resting place for Chira.

During a TikTok live session, where she appeared visibly fatigued, Chira’s grandmother expressed her optimism that everything would eventually fall into place. It’s important to note that Chira played a pivotal role as the primary provider for the family, supporting his grandmother and younger siblings.

As they navigate through this challenging period, the family remains hopeful that they will find a resolution that honors Chira’s memory and provides them with the closure they desperately seek.