“Heri Tu! Ninyonge Kuliko Kukula ROsecoco ya Kaveve Kazoze” 2Mbili Opens Up

When Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze gained viral fame in early 2023, comedian 2mbili emerged as one of the altruistic individuals within the public eye willing to offer assistance. Going above and beyond, 2mbili made the journey from Nairobi to Naivasha to personally pick up Ngesh, initiating plans for interviews and potential opportunities on her behalf.

As Ngesh’s popularity soared, a rift developed between her and 2mbili when his brother intervened and assumed control of her management. This fracture led Ngesh to perceive 2mbili as someone exploiting her newfound stardom, prompting the comedian to take a step back.

As the two went their separate ways, rumors circulated online insinuating a romantic involvement between 2mbili and Ngesh. The narrative gained traction, and 2mbili responded with a blunt retort, asserting that Ngesh, being over 18 years old, was free to make her own choices without any legal ramifications.

In a subsequent interview with Jalang’o Tv, 2mbili vehemently denied any romantic entanglement with Ngesh. He emphasized that his intentions were solely focused on helping her, refuting Ngesh’s perception that he was exploiting her. Consequently, he opted to distance himself from the situation.

Following 2mbili’s departure from Ngesh and her team, lucrative opportunities began to dwindle. In a matter of months, the warnings issued by 2mbili materialized as Ngesh and her crew found themselves in dire financial straits. Promised deals evaporated, leaving them with unfulfilled commitments from those who had initially pledged support.