Comedian Kihenjo Biography, Salary, Age and life at Kameme F.m Canjamuka

Comedian Kihenjo Biography, Salary, Age and life at Kameme F.m Canjamuka

Kihenjo has become almost every kikuyu household family name. The name is a Kikuyu word that signifies ‘cracker.’ Kihenjo is a popular radio presenter at Kameme FM in Kenya where he goes by the name Kizangala. His full name is Joel Mungai. Kihenjo is a comedian and presenter at the Cajamuka Show alongside Muthoni Kirumba, a brilliant radio presenter.

Kihenjo has risen from roadside maize roasting to radio presentation. It has without a doubt taken long for him to set up a good foundation for himself in media industry. All things considered, he has more than 3,000,000 views on his Youtube videos and a good number of followers on his social media platforms. Most of his crowd has related him with the Kikuyu comedy shows. He began the ‘Njugwa ya Kihenjo,’ a parody show aired on Kameme FM every day at 7:30 pm.

Our examination has revealed that Kihenjo has been in the entertainment industry for almost thirty years now. During those days, he was popular but joining the radio assisted him with boosting the quantity of followers,who he currently enjoy. In the days of yore, Kihenjo acted as an older man who wore a torn suit and socks. Multiple supporters thought he was old because of the makeovers and how he walked with his walking stick.

Kihenjo has figured out how to keep his own life out of the public’s eyes, and he has never freely shared with regards to his wife or children. You might hear him referencing ‘Majangwa,’ who turns out to be his ‘wife’ in the comedy show during the radio shows.We hope you now have enough information about Kihenjo Biography, Salary and Age : Kameme f.m Canjamuka. Kindly keep on following our news and you will be the first to get latest news all over the world