“Unakuliwa Bibi”: Pritty Vishy Reacts After Stevo Simple Boy’s Wife Cheats On Him, Gets Pregnant For Another Man

Vlogger Pritty Vishy has reacted to Stevo Simple Boy’s breakup with his wife Grace Otieno after she cheated on him with another man.

Commenting on one online video clip shared on Instagram, Pritty Vishy made laughter out of Simple Boy’s claims that his In-laws called him to inform him that the pregnancy Grace carried and delivered was not his.

In the video clip, the Heshimu Ndoa hitmaker added that the information broke his heart because he never believed it was true, considering the two had married.

“Wakati wa kujifungua , mmoja wa familia yake alinipigia simu akasema Wacha tukuweke wazi na usikasirike, mtoto si wako” Simple said during the interview with Trudy Kitui.

Following the information, the rapper added that even though the information shredded his heart and emotions where he had all along thought he was the biological father of the child; the Holy Spirit had revealed to him what would happen.

Pritty Vishy his ex-girlfriend has cracked her lungs after she heard about the breakup and how the singer was cheated on in which she has said the reports shocked her.

“Kukuruku dat ting😂😂😂😂mailord mnakuliwa adi bibi i wanda😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂” Pritty Vishy reacted.

Besides the breakup, Simple Boy has gone viral in the past two weeks after he went public and expressed his dying love to a former TV news anchor Betty Kyallo.

In the trend, the rapper heaped praises on Betty to the extent of promising to marry her and get three children; two boys and a girl.

However, his move to woo Betty Kyallo is yet to bare fruits but he alleges he’s still in the process of shooting shots at her.