‘Cousin Eater’ Kabi Wa Jesus Gifts Wife A Brand New Car

Kabi wa Jesus, a popular YouTuber, has been making headlines recently after gifting his wife, Milly Wa Jesus, a brand new Land Rover Discovery. The gift was given as a token of appreciation for giving birth to their second child a year ago, just one day after celebrating their daughter’s first birthday.

In a heartfelt message, Kabi and Milly expressed their love for their daughter and how much she has completed their family. The couple, who are among Kenya’s most celebrated, announced that Milly will be featured in an upcoming gospel reality show.

However, Kabi’s past has come back to haunt him. The YouTuber previously had a daughter with his cousin, which caused controversy and led to online trolling. Kabi took responsibility for his daughter and treats her as part of his family, but the scandal left a scar on Milly and has strained their relationship.

In a recent video, Kabi admitted that Milly has been skeptical of him since the scandal. He spoke about how difficult it was to come forward and speak about his past, which included drug abuse and sexual relationships with close relatives. Despite the criticism he received, Kabi stated that he was not sorry for sharing his story.

Overall, Kabi’s recent gift to his wife has brought attention to their family, but also reminds us of the controversies surrounding their past.