“Ulikuwa Mzee”:Netizens React On Wahu Kagwi’s TBT Graduation Photo

Netizens have responded to a throwback (tbt) graduation photograph of Kenyan musician Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, taken during her college days.

The esteemed musician shared a snapshot of herself clad in a graduation robe and sporting a short silk weave. Alongside the image, she humorously suggested that it serves as evidence for anyone questioning whether she pursued a university education.

Wahu, who posted the image on her Instagram page, elicited varied reactions from netizens. While some applauded her for her diligence, others lightheartedly teased her about her appearance in the past.

“In case someone questions my credentials,” she playfully captioned the throwback photo.

Wahu Kagwi, now a mother of three, is an alumna of the University of Nairobi. The talented vocalist crossed paths with her husband, Nameless, during their campus years, and they have since formed a harmonious duo. Together, they have made significant contributions to the music industry.

Recently, the power couple revisited their former campus dormitory and were surprised by the size of the beds. Amidst nostalgia, they reminisced about their journey and cherished the memories they had built together.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

@melodysinzore: “Add those of you with classmates. Let them not claim it’s not legitimate!”

@paul.brian.l7: “You studied math, became a mathematician, then got distracted by small things like names and settled for Nameless.”

@judithkiptoo42: “We know you’re a mathematician and very bright.”

@i.am neymar: “So, you used to go by Rosemary here?”

@bella ouma23: “Are you applying for a job at KFCB and not telling us?”