Kenyan man resembling Mbosso asks for DNA tests, claims the artist is the father who abandoned him.

For the past few months, there has been a Kenyan man named Demmah B who asserts that Mbosso is his biological father.

Demmah B, bearing a striking resemblance to Mbosso in various aspects, has been engaging in interviews with YouTube bloggers, confidently maintaining that he shares a paternal connection with the artist, despite never having met him.

Taking his claims a step further, Demmah B has expressed a strong desire for DNA tests to substantiate his long-held belief.

According to Demmah B, he alleges that Mbosso abandoned him, leading to his current hardships in Kenya while his purported father enjoys a comfortable life in Tanzania. In a plea for validation, he has insisted on undergoing DNA testing to confirm his familial ties.

Mbosso, on the other hand, has been accused of neglecting his responsibilities as a father by Demmah B, who claims that Mbosso is avoiding the DNA test out of fear. Demmah B, in contrast, asserts his readiness to undergo the test to ascertain the truth of his parentage.

Expressing his anguish, Demmah B emphasized the emotional toll of witnessing Mbosso’s apparent indifference to his plight, stating, “He has completely refused…he is afraid of DNA. For me, I am ready to do DNA to find out if I am his child because he has left me to suffer here in Kenya, and he is enjoying life in Tanzania; that hurts me a lot.”

Desiring closure and seeking acknowledgment, Demmah B urged Mbosso to cooperate in uncovering the truth through a DNA test. He highlighted the pain caused by witnessing Mbosso’s seemingly carefree life while he struggles in Kenya, emphasizing the physical similarities between them, such as their eyes, nose, ears, and actions.