Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Reveals Why You Should Pay a Pastor Once He Prays for You

Rose Muhando’s perspective on the divisive issue of compensating gospel evangelists for their appearances at gospel gatherings has ignited a lively discussion.

During an interview on a Tanzanian East Africa radio station, Muhando articulated her belief that gospel evangelists, despite their spiritual calling, are also individuals with earthly obligations that necessitate financial support. She posited that it is unjust for these evangelists to be invited to minister through their music at churches or other gospel events, only to receive mere verbal gratitude in return, especially when they have financial responsibilities to fulfill.

Muhando further asserted that even in the scriptures, there is a recognition of the need for material provision, citing the example of Jesus not intending for his followers to live in perpetual poverty. She argued that it is reasonable for gospel evangelists to expect compensation for their performances, as they are utilizing their talents and time for the work of God.

Addressing the source of funds, Muhando raised the question of whether the money given to support gospel evangelists is truly the property of the church or the individuals themselves, asserting that all resources ultimately belong to God. She challenged the notion that gospel evangelists should rely solely on divine providence while neglecting their practical needs such as rent, school fees, and taxes.

The debate extends beyond Muhando’s remarks, spilling over into online forums where opinions diverge. Some advocate for gospel evangelists to offer their talents freely as a form of service to God, while others argue that tangible appreciation in the form of financial compensation is not only reasonable but necessary to sustain their ministry and personal livelihoods.

In essence, the discourse surrounding the payment of gospel evangelists reflects a tension between spiritual calling and earthly needs, prompting reflection on the intersection of faith, talent, and material support in the context of gospel ministry.