“Stop buying men socks and handkerchiefs za 20 bob” – Oga Obinna tells women

Obinna, a radio personality at Kiss FM, is encouraging women to invest more thought and effort into the gifts they choose for men.

When it comes to selecting gifts for men, Obinna advises women to steer clear of the conventional choices such as handkerchiefs and socks, as he humorously pleads with them to explore more creative options.

This response was triggered by Kemene’s assertion that she had treated her close male friends to drinks as a way of orchestrating a casual date in September.

Expressing his disbelief, Obinna questioned the practice, stating, “I was in a business meeting with partners, bought them two rounds of drinks, and said, ‘Don’t say I never bought you anything.’ You buy a drink, share it with them, and claim it’s a date? This is the issue I have with ladies; you don’t reciprocate the way we treat you.”

Obinna contended that on women’s special occasions, men go above and beyond to treat them right. He emphasized the grand gestures that men make, such as booking restaurants, dressing up in suits, and presenting gifts like flowers, wine, chocolate, cars, and holidays. In contrast, he humorously lamented that women often fall short by opting for basic gifts like socks and handkerchiefs.

In response to Obinna’s plea, Kamene defended her choice of gifting, suggesting that men appreciate items like happy socks. She shared her preference for buying a bundle of socks at an affordable price, asserting, “I like to buy a bundle of socks for around 1,000 shillings. You’ll never run out of socks.”