“He came back like this”: Mother shares video of Son returning home dressed like girl From School

A mother has amused social media users with a video showcasing her son’s unexpected change of outfit upon returning from school. The video, shared by @arrah_star on TikTok, depicts the young boy wearing a girl’s outfit.

According to the mother, her son initially went to school dressed appropriately for his gender but came back home in a girl’s skirt. She explained that he had somehow ruined his original clothes at school, and lacking spare attire, the teacher took it upon themselves to clean him up and provide him with a skirt. The mother humorously commented, “My son messed up his dress at school and came back like this. Some teachers will not make it to heaven.”

The video quickly went viral, prompting a variety of reactions from netizens who found the situation amusing and commended the teacher for their caring actions. User @user5471887286238 playfully suggested, “Keep the video and show it to his wife and kids.” Meanwhile, @hushmam humorously remarked, “The way he’s walking like he achieved a medal.”

Other comments reflected appreciation for the teacher’s kindness, with @rosemachuki stating, “At least the teacher was caring enough to clean him up and cover him with anything available.” @annabel noted, “He just dey waka like say nothing sup.”

Several users shared their own childhood stories of unexpected wardrobe changes, showcasing the empathy and understanding of teachers. @naitunpattie exclaimed, “Long live teachers,” while @nunu speculated, “I bet he doesn’t even know the difference. All na say e don cover yi totoh.”

The humorous and relatable video sparked memories for many users, with @sami sharing, “This is my goal. She one day came back with sports wear, and yet it was a uniform day.” Overall, the video brought laughter and nostalgia to social media, celebrating the unexpected twists of childhood and the kindness of teachers.