” Triomio ni Babangu Mzazi” 32 Years Old Woman Claims.

Kenya has become a hub of sensational stories, and following the recent controversies surrounding Krg’s alleged fatherhood to multiple individuals, the spotlight has shifted to the youngest rapper, Triomio. The latest twist involves a 32-year-old woman, Ngeus wa Githomo, who boldly claims Triomio as her father.

In an interview with an online media outlet, Ngeus wa Githomo confidently asserted her lineage to Triomio while lamenting his alleged neglect. However, her claims raised eyebrows, as public records indicate that Triomio completed high school in 2022 and is merely 18 years old, set to turn 19 in 2023. This glaring age disparity challenges the authenticity of her assertion.

Attempting to justify her claim, the woman asserted that the circumstances were miraculous, attributing it to divine intervention. Drawing a parallel with the biblical story of the Virgin Mary, she argued that just as Mary conceived while being a virgin, her proclamation about Triomio being her father should be accepted as a divine occurrence.

Despite the implausibility of her narrative, Ngeus wa Githomo went on to extend Father’s Day wishes to Triomio, urging him to answer her calls and reintegrate into her life. The bizarre nature of such claims underscores the growing trend of clout chasing in Kenya, where individuals seek attention and notoriety through sensational stories, regardless of their credibility.