Bahati Regrets Why He Dumped Yvonne Obura for Diana B as Karen Nyamu Reveals Reason for Breakup

In an unexpected turn of events that has seized the attention of social media users, gospel singer Bahati finds himself under intense scrutiny following a series of controversial posts on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The commotion commenced when Bahati shared a nostalgic photograph of his wife, Diana Marua, alongside former Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a love emoji.

This seemingly innocuous post sparked a wave of speculation regarding the status of Bahati and Diana’s marital union, with numerous Kenyans hinting at potential discord in their relationship.

Adding further complexity to the situation, Bahati subsequently posted a picture of his former partner, Yvette Obura, and their daughter Mueni, accompanied by the caption “I wish I knew.”

This enigmatic message fueled conjectures that Bahati might be harboring regrets over his decision to part ways with Yvette in favor of Diana.

The post drew the attention of Nairobi Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, who remarked, “I knew one day Diana atapatikana. I’ve seen them many times kwa gym na huyo msee,” insinuating that Diana had been spotted with Wanyama on multiple occasions.

The controversy escalated with renewed rumors concerning Diana’s purported romantic history with Wanyama, who presently serves as a midfielder for Montreal Impact.

Addressing these rumors in a YouTube Q&A session, Diana vehemently refuted any romantic involvement with Wanyama. She clarified that their acquaintance stemmed from mutual friends, and their interactions remained strictly platonic.

Despite her clarification, the online community persisted in attacking her, labeling her ‘Mama Bahati’ and perpetuating the gossip.