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I Have No Idea What Happened to Lilian Muli, She use To Be very Dark But Now She’s Very Light- Tiktoker Nyako

German-born Kenyan TikToker Pilot Nyako recently took to her live session to express her views on various Kenyan celebrities, with a particular focus on Citizen TV Presenter Lilian Muli.

During her live session, Nyako candidly shared her thoughts on several Kenyan personalities, commending those she believed were excelling while also addressing Lilian Muli.

Nyako clarified that she has no personal connection with Muli, although she recalled meeting her once when Lilian was described as a “black beauty,” being a beautiful, dark-skinned Kamba woman. Nyako, however, noted a noticeable change in Muli’s appearance, particularly in her skin tone, as observed on Instagram.

Nyako didn’t delve further into specifics, simply stating her observation and leaving it at that. Nonetheless, this sparked discussions online, with some speculating that Lilian might have undergone skin-lightening procedures.

It’s important to emphasize that Lilian Muli hasn’t publicly commented on or confirmed any information regarding changes in her physical appearance, hence these remain mere speculations.