Video Emerges of Late Jahmby Koikai Revealing Why Men Were Hesitant to Marry Her

A recently surfaced video provides a poignant glimpse into the personal struggles of the late radio host and reggae emcee Njambi Koikai, fondly known as Jahmby or Fyah Mummah.

Filmed during a 2018 interview, the video unveils the reasons behind men’s reluctance to marry her, offering insight into the profound impact of her battle with thoracic endometriosis.

Njambi, who tragically passed away at 38, was a staunch advocate for raising awareness about endometriosis—a condition characterized by the growth of uterine-like tissue outside the uterus, leading to excruciating pain and debilitating symptoms.

In the interview, she openly discusses how the relentless pain and symptoms of her condition posed challenges in maintaining stable romantic relationships.

When asked whether she had lost partners due to painful intercourse, Njambi responded:

“Yes, indeed, because the pain is so intense that I am reluctant to endure it. Finding someone who comprehends and is willing to stand by you through such pain is daunting. It’s bewildering to witness someone you care about go through excruciating pain every month.”

For an extended period, Njambi grappled with thoracic endometriosis.

Recently, the vibrant reggae emcee disclosed her admission to Pioneer Ward at The Nairobi Hospital, appealing for blood donations.

“Hi fam, I’m currently admitted at the Pioneer Ward Nairobi Hospital and I urgently require Blood O positive. Seeking blood donors for Mary Njambi Koikai,” she shared on Instagram Stories.

Before her passing and her final admission, Njambi underwent numerous surgeries both locally and internationally since her endometriosis diagnosis at 29.

In February 2018, she departed Kenya for treatment in Atlanta, USA, where she resided for over a year.

A few weeks ago, in a social media post, Njambi implored President William Ruto, just days before his departure on a three-day State visit to the US, to prioritize health investment.

She urged the president to tackle the issue of endometriosis, which afflicts many women in the country due to inadequate treatment facilities.

“This is a sincere plea to a select few Kenyan leaders, but I would like to address President William Ruto first as he embarks on his State visit to the US. Mr. President, one of the focal points of your visit is health investment,” she stated.

“Atlanta, Georgia, is a haven for every young girl and woman who has battled the horrendous disease known as endometriosis. There, a center is dedicated to restoring the lives of those crippled by this affliction.”