“Babangu ni mlevi sana,” daughter exposes Yesu Wa Tongaren

Deborah Wekesa, the eldest daughter of Jesus of Tongaren, has recently caused a stir by openly revealing the truth about her father and the reasons why she, her brother, and their mother no longer live with him. The story of the self-proclaimed Jesus from Bungoma gained widespread attention online, leading to an abundance of information now available about him.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus of Tongaren’s real name is Eliud Wekesa, and he is a married man. Deborah, in her disclosure, disclosed that she is his firstborn daughter. She recounted how her father, prior to his transformation, was a heavy drinker.

During an interview with a local YouTuber, Deborah recounted how her father would recklessly spend money on a locally brewed alcoholic beverage called ‘Chang’aa.’ She also revealed his violent nature, particularly when under the influence of alcohol, as he would physically abuse their mother, Teresia, his first wife. Their household was plagued by unrest and his unfavorable qualities.

One particular incident that stands out is when Jesus of Tongaren sold a bull to purchase Chang’aa. He consumed the entire five liters of the illicit brew alone, and the next day he woke up disoriented and with no recollection of anything. In his confused state, he proceeded to chase them away.

“Dad sold our bull for almost Ksh. 80,000, and he went as usual to indulge in alcohol. He bought five liters of Chang’aa and drank it all alone. The next day, he woke up as if he had forgotten everything and everyone. He was in an intoxicated state and expelled us,” narrated Deborah.

After being ousted by Jesus of Tongaren, their uncle, who resides in Nairobi, came to their rescue. Deborah, her brother Erastus, and their mother began to struggle in Nairobi. Life hasn’t been easy, but they were fortunate to find employment at the City Mortuary. Deborah works as a chef at the morgue, while Erastus serves as a security guard. She admitted missing her father’s love, but she disapproves of his current actions.

This brave woman asserts that Jesus of Tongaren is not the true Jesus, claiming he is simply misleading people. According to Deborah, his persistent alcohol consumption has caused him to forget his own identity. She passionately appeals to the residents of Bungoma and his followers to break free from his influence and instead serve the true living God.