“Natafuta mtoto,” Akothee reveals she has up to July to Conceive -

“Natafuta mtoto,” Akothee reveals she has up to July to Conceive

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, recently tied the knot with Omosh in a vibrant and joyous wedding ceremony. This special occasion brought together numerous celebrities and politicians, adding to the grandeur of the event.

Shortly after the wedding, concerns arose among Kenyans when Akothee’s husband seemed to have vanished from social media. Fans eagerly awaited honeymoon photos of the couple, with some even speculating that their marriage had met a tragic end.

However, Akothee addressed these concerns in a recent post, disclosing that her husband had returned to work after enjoying a two-week break.

“The wedding marks the beginning of our journey together, allowing us to truly understand and appreciate one another. I doubt I will ever experience another wedding as beautiful as this one, but the next one will undoubtedly be unique as well,” she humorously stated. “We haven’t even had the chance to open our wedding gifts yet! My husband had to return to work immediately following a well-deserved two-week rest.”

Akothee has up to July to get a kid

The mother of 5 went ahead and revealed that she has a plan of conceiving before July, this year. She noted that she will put everything on hold until she gets a kid. According to her, the doctor had earlier on warned her that she my struggle getting a kid.

We haven’t gotten time to go for honey Moon. Days are running and the year is getting closer , we are not pregnant Yet ,I think I am too stressed. So I want to put everything on Hold and concentrate on my love life.

If I don’t get pregnant between now and July ,every other thing will wait, my Dr @swaleh__md told me to hold on until after the wedding, she told me clearly that weddings drains energy therefore I might not get pregnant that soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 or I might loose the pregnancy again 🙏 when I received my periods I was mad at myself.

Akothee has now announced that she has taken a break from everything including social media to have a good time of getting a baby.

I will take a break from everyone and everything including social media. Allow me look for my second last Born baby,before we talk about other things 💋I want to be a mother this year.”