“They Are Lying To You Dad, Listen To Me” Muigai Wa Njoroge To President Uhuru

For quite a while, president Uhuru and his deputy William Samoei Ruto have not been in good terms which prompted division of MT Kenya leaders and the community at large. One of the Mt Kenya musicians and Benga artist Muigai Wa Njoroge have been calling upon the president to address the Mt Kenya community and unite them before the coming general election.

Yesterday, the president addressed the Mt Kenya community asking they join together and support Raila Odinga as the next leader of Kenya which has raised blended responses from kenyans. He went ahead and gave the reason as to why they parted ways with William Ruto, saying Ruto never wanted a united nation and he refused to welcome Raila Odinga to the government which is the reason he restrained from the government.

Later , The Kikuyu gospel artist Muigai Wa Njoroge has tended to the president through his Facebook official page where he said thanks to him for addressing the MAA people community despite the fact that it was late. He continued and told him that those people are lying at him to trap his people to support them and they don’t have good intentions. He continued and sarcastically told him to continue listening at their displaced advices. He concluded by telling him that he will live to tell him the truth no matter the reputations it might bring.