Atwoli Accuses City Lawyer, Ahmednasir Of Corruption. -

Atwoli Accuses City Lawyer, Ahmednasir Of Corruption.

The COTU bos was involved in a Twitter war with city lawyer, Ahmednasir after the two viciously accused each other of corruption.

“Some of the problems Kenyans face are because of lawyers like Ahmednasir …,” said Atwoli in a Friday, May 28 post.

Atwoli said that Nasir started hating and attacking him after he secured a certain deal.

Nasir also has been calling for the removal of Atwoli from the COTU over what he called unexplained wealth.

Atwoli however described himself as a honest man who has been in the forefront in fighting for Kenyan workers rights.

“My record speaks for itself. I am a very honest man, I work hard, I never engage in corrupt dealings, I speak my mind and I am not a billionaire,” said the COTU boss.

Nasir’s attacks to Atwoli started after the Nairobi County Deputy Government renamed DidDik Road in Kileleshwa after Atwoli.

“This road has been renamed after my good friend and brother bwana Francis Atwoli in recognition of his selfless contribution and agitating for the rights of Kenyan workers in the last 54 years,” said Deputy Governor Anne Kananu.

“I want to thank the leadership of Nairobi under Anne Kananu, for this great honour and recognition of services to the Government of the day, the community and workers at large. We will continue offering our unwavering support to the leadership of the county,” Atwoli said.

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