DP Ruto Vows to Free DCI, KRA and EACC from State Capture in His First Day as President.

UDA presidential candidate, William Ruto has vowed to free various government agencies which he said have been captured by the state.

Ruto who was speaking in Kasarani today after receiving the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidature accused different agencies of frustrating his allies.

He said that he will free the DCI, Kenya Revenue authorities (KRA) from state capture.

Ruto went on to state that the agencies will have their own financial independence on his first days as president.

“On the first day [if elected president] I will free KRA from state capture. Our competitors have weaponised DCI, EACC and KRA to run political errands; we will professionalize the institutions,” he said.

“We want a Judiciary that doesn’t receive phone calls from the Executive, for them to write judgements”