Masters holder Police discover that his seniors are classmates who scored D& E in KCSE

Upon graduating from university with stellar results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), Julian Njagi embarked on his academic journey with high hopes of transforming his life. Armed with determination, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, envisioning a prosperous career in a prestigious Kenyan firm.

Following the attainment of his undergraduate degree, Julian further enhanced his academic credentials by obtaining a Master’s Degree. However, little did he know that the harsh reality of rapidly escalating unemployment rates awaited him upon entering the job market.

Julian soon found himself among the multitude of educated but unemployed individuals in Kenya, despite his impressive academic achievements. Despite numerous attempts to secure a well-paying position commensurate with his qualifications, success remained elusive.

Faced with dire circumstances, Julian reluctantly applied for a position with the Kenya Police Service. To his relief, he was offered a role as a Constable, the lowest rank within the police force.

Upon commencing his duties, Julian was taken aback to discover that some of his superiors were former classmates who had achieved much lower grades, some even scoring Ds in their KCSE exams. Despite this disheartening realization, Julian remained resolute in his commitment to his new role, recognizing it as his only means of livelihood.

Sharing his experience on social media, Julian highlighted the stark contrast between his academic achievements and the professional positions he encountered, underscoring the harsh realities of Kenya’s job market. Nonetheless, he embraced his new role with determination, acknowledging the importance of earning a living despite the disparity between his qualifications and those of his superiors.