“You sleep with anything in a skirt, you have no class” Eric Omondi Badly Blasts Willy Paul.

By now, we already know that Comedian Eric Omondi and musician Willy Paul are out to promote their new artists Queen P and Miss P.

After Miss P accused Pozze of sexual assault, Eric jumped on to the wagon and is now helping the talented artist make a kill from her talent.

The beef has so far escalated to throwing unprintable jibes at each other with Pozze blasting Omondi claiming that he is obsessed with Miss P’s ‘Privates’.

Now, Omondi has responded to the shade and clearly, the beef is getting out of hand.

Omondi said that Pozze is known for his hyena like thirst for women and has been accused severally for sexual assault.

With this kind of beefs, only time will tell how it will end and you can be sure to get the juice right here.