Muthoni Mukiri Caution Ladies Against Being Baby Mamas' -

Muthoni Mukiri Caution Ladies Against Being Baby Mamas’

Former Inooro TV News Anchor, Muthoni Wa Mukiri has warned ladies against having kids with a wealthy person.

She said that relationships based on wealth and influence will only create unnecessary drama adding that her email address is full of ladies seeking help after suffering emotional and physical torture as a result of the same.

Becoming a baby mama is not a career. Know your values and know that you do not need to give a man a baby for him to stick around. Don’t go having kids for men because they want kids, but have one because you are ready to carry that child. Have them when you are ready, and not just because you have a man.

If you think you will trap someone with a child, the only person you are trapping is yourself and putting yourself in your caged situation,

she said.

The TV queen had earlier hinted at becoming becoming a mother but her friends warned her against the idea before wedding.

Mukiri recently wedded the love of her life, Isaac in a star studded event.On a recent Insta-story she shared photos of musician Vanessa Msee and her husband, Rotimi heavily pregnant saying that she drew her inspiration from the celebrity couples.