“Anyone Touching You Must Kill Me First” Akothee Tells Her Ex Nelly Oaks

“The mother of five expressed her heartfelt appreciation to her former boyfriend and manager on the occasion of his birthday.

“Let’s wish our manager a fantastic happy birthday today, July 7th, 2023. Dr. Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi, also known as H.N.O, is an incredibly humble individual,” Akothee wrote in her message.

She extended her gratitude to Nelly Oaks for his contribution to her brand and reflected on the role he played in her career advancement.

“Thank you so much for the significant role you’ve played in my life and my career. Only the two of us truly understand how we have brought the brand to where it stands today. I deeply appreciate your presence during the darkest times.”

Akothee also praised Nelly Oaks for being her support system during challenging times.

“Thank you for being there to wipe away my tears and standing by my side when I faced opposition from my ex-partners in Switzerland. It was a difficult situation, but you stood firm, even when a billionaire suggested I quit music, delete my YouTube channel, and abandon my social media accounts. You assured him that the brand would soon generate its own income and that it was not a waste of time or money. Once again, I thank you for believing in me.”

She acknowledged that Nelly Oaks had become like family, maintaining a strong bond with her children and providing care for them, despite the toxicity of Nairobi.

“You protected both me and the brand as if we were siblings. You hold a special place in the hearts and minds of my children. We share a strong family connection, and nothing can break that bond. If it weren’t for the ongoing protests, I would have joined you in celebrating your special day. I’ve already sought Omosh’s permission.”

Akothee pledged her support for Nelly Oaks’ future political aspirations, indicating her willingness to endorse his bid for a political seat in 2027.

“I could write an entire book to express my gratitude and let you know how much you are valued, cherished, respected, and loved. Walk with your head held high because you are the pride of Kamagambo. If I had any knowledge about politics, I would gladly endorse you for the position of Rongo Mp in 2027. But hey, politics is not my area of expertise. Focus on your businesses, enjoy your life, and live in a way that brings you happiness and peace. Happy birthday, @nellyoaks.”

Akothee concluded her message by acknowledging that some individuals may form their own opinions, but she remains unfazed by their judgments.