My Wife is My Pain: She Abandoned me With our 7 Children.

Donald finds himself amidst the challenges that many face in our world today. Left to fend for seven children single-handedly, he grapples with the sudden disappearance of his wife, who vanished a mere four months after giving birth to twins.

In an interview with Afrimax English, Donald, a skilled barber, reminisced about the once harmonious life he shared with his wife. Their household was filled with rare conflicts as they jointly navigated the responsibilities of parenthood.

Initially blessed with five children, the birth of twins expanded their brood to seven. Donald would head off to work while his wife tended to the newborn twins and cared for their older siblings who attended school.

However, the tranquility shattered one fateful day when Donald returned home from work to find his wife gone, leaving behind their helpless infants. Initially, he assumed she had stepped out momentarily, but a thorough search revealed she had absconded with their savings and belongings.

Reality struck hard as Donald realized his wife’s departure was permanent. Frantically, he scoured bus stations hoping to find her, only to learn she had boarded a bus bound for Burundi.

Left with no choice, Donald bore the sole responsibility of caring for his children. Juggling work and attending to the demanding needs of the twins proved untenable, leading to his dismissal from his job.

Life swiftly descended into turmoil as financial strains mounted. Donald struggled to provide for his family, resulting in some children being forced to abandon their education due to unpaid fees. Rent went unpaid for three months, exacerbating their precarious situation with each passing day.

Caring for the infants became increasingly arduous, especially as they lacked proper nourishment. Donald, faced with insurmountable odds, appealed to the goodwill of others, seeking assistance in securing a permanent dwelling, as rental costs drained his resources.

Despite the hardships, Donald remains resolute, unwavering in his commitment to his children. He maintains hope for a brighter future, determined never to falter in his parental duties, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.