Landlady Behind Zimmerman’s ‘Penthouse’ Opens Up About The ‘Four-Year, Multi-Million Project’

The landlady of an extraordinary penthouse, perched atop an apartment in the Zimmerman Estate of Nairobi, recently shared her remarkable journey with the media. This penthouse, affectionately named the ‘BradiJon Mansion,’ was a lifelong dream come true for her, as it allowed her to reside in close proximity to her cherished childhood home. In a now-viral video interview, she expressed her deep connection to Zimmerman, where she grew up, and her desire to stay connected to her roots even when she occasionally resides in the United States.

To transform her vision into reality, Annie Lumbasi collaborated closely with a trusted family friend, Stephen Wangechi, a seasoned builder with over two decades of experience. The project, spanning four years and involving numerous emails and phone calls, was a testament to patience and unwavering faith. Annie conceived the concept of combining a house and apartments for her family, but due to limited available land, she decided on a unique solution: a “penthouse-apartment marriage.”

The penthouse boasts four bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen, a laundry room, and a pantry, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Githurai, Roysambu, and Kahawawest neighborhoods. The interior reflects no compromise on quality, with lavish furnishings that leave no doubt about the extent of the investment made. The exterior is adorned with potted Areca palms and various other house plants, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Inside the penthouse, one can spot lavish features such as a large television, intricate wall gypsum designs, a modern kitchen with top-notch appliances, and an elegant dining area where the landlady and her family can savor meals amidst the bustling sounds of Thika Road.

The attention and buzz generated on social media can be attributed, in part, to the fact that such a project is unprecedented in the neighborhood. Annie acknowledges the humor and surprise that the penthouse has generated online, explaining that while there may be other notable buildings in the area, none come close to matching the grandeur of her creation.

Though the exact cost of the project remains undisclosed, it’s apparent that it required a substantial investment, likely enough to leave a significant dent in the bank account of even the wealthiest individuals. Annie also emphasized the importance of safety in her “penthouse-apartment marriage,” revealing that she conducted thorough research and involved all necessary stakeholders to ensure the viability of this innovative housing concept.

In conclusion, Annie Lumbasi’s unique penthouse in Zimmerman is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her childhood dreams and her determination to overcome logistical challenges. This innovative project not only reflects her deep connection to her roots but also stands as a remarkable example of creativity and vision in the realm of real estate development.