” Wanalala Kwa Mabati” Githurai Couple Sleep On Top Of Their House Due To Floods.

Kenya is currently grappling with extensive rainfall, projected to persist throughout the month as indicated by experts. Nairobi, the capital city, stands as one of the hardest-hit areas in the country, with major highways and residential areas succumbing to flooding.

While fingers are pointed at the county government for the situation, it’s essential to acknowledge the sheer intensity of the rainfall, surpassing even the contingency plans laid out by figures like Sakaja and his team. The inundation is severely impacting businesses and residents alike.

In Kiambu County, Githurai estate emerges as one of the most severely affected regions. A viral video captures a couple forced to seek refuge atop their corrugated iron-roofed home as floodwaters surge below. The water levels have risen to such an extent that rooftops are the only viable sanctuary from the deluge.