Jalang’o Warns Women against Going to Saudi Arabia for Jobs: “Exploit Huku Kwanza” -

Jalang’o Warns Women against Going to Saudi Arabia for Jobs: “Exploit Huku Kwanza”

In a recent interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve, Langata MP Jalang’o expressed his concern over Kenyan women leaving for Saudi Arabia in search of better job opportunities. Many of these women end up facing hostility and torture and seek help to return home. Jalang’o highlighted that there are no good jobs in Saudi Arabia and urged people to exhaust all avenues in Kenya before considering going abroad.

Jalang’o also stressed the importance of using verified agencies that can be held accountable in case of any mishaps while working in a foreign country. He suggested that the new parliamentary committee Diaspora Affairs and Immigrant Workers will look into vetting agencies that take people overseas to work and ensure that they can account for their clients.

The MP emphasized that it is crucial for these agencies to be verified so that the government knows who is taking people abroad. He also recommended that agencies should come forward and claim responsibility for the individuals they take abroad. Only registered agencies should be allowed to take people out of the country, and their licenses should be revoked if they fail to comply with the set standards.

Jalang’o’s concerns are valid, and it is vital that the government takes the necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of Kenyan women seeking employment in foreign countries.