Krg The Don: My Lastborn Son Is Richer Than Harmonize, ‘Hata Nilale Miaka Kumi Hakuna Msani Tanzania Atawai Nishinda Hela’

Kenyan dancehall artist and accomplished entrepreneur, Krg The Don, has recently joined the ranks of Kenyan celebrities who engage in online banter, belittling Tanzanian musicians and their music industry.

During an interview with Spm Buzz, Krg The Don took a jab at the Tanzanian music industry, specifically targeting Harmonize. This came after Harmonize claimed that he had achieved substantial wealth and success at a young age.

Krg The Don confidently asserted that his own young son, Naem, is far wealthier than Harmonize. According to Krg The Don, he possesses multimillion-dollar properties, which, if converted to Tanzanian currency, could fund the luxurious lifestyles of all Tanzanian artists.

Furthermore, Krg The Don discredited the cars that Harmonize showcases online, suggesting that they were obtained through illegal means from South Africa. He explained that due to the significantly lower value of the Tanzanian currency compared to the dollar, Tanzanians face challenges importing expensive cars like their Kenyan counterparts.

Mocking the entire Tanzanian music industry, Krg The Don declared that even if he were to do absolutely nothing for a decade, no Tanzanian musician could surpass his wealth. He criticized Tanzanian artists for prioritizing branding and seeking attention, claiming that their appearances of affluence in Tanzania disappear when they come to Kenya and fail to meet his standards. With his thriving business ventures, Krg The Don confidently predicted that he would become the wealthiest musician in Africa within a year.