Karen Nyamu Laughs At 123-Year-Old Woman Who Is Still A Virgin 

Rwandan woman Theresie Nyirakajumba has garnered significant attention after disclosing that she remains a virgin at the remarkable age of 123.

In an interview with Afrimax media, Theresie openly shared her unique perspective on love and relationships, revealing that she has never experienced romantic feelings for men.

When questioned about her ability to maintain her virginity throughout her long life, Theresie responded with an intriguing story. She explained, “While thoughts of marriage crossed my mind during my younger days, I never found myself taking that leap into matrimony.”

However, it is important to note that not everyone responded to Theresie’s revelation with understanding or empathy. Karen Nyamu, for instance, reacted to the news with laughter, seemingly mocking Theresie for her virginity.

Karen Nyamu expressed her amusement by saying, “I cannot help but laugh heartlessly at this. She was like a deputy Jesus, passing judgment on happy girls while she remained unattached. Making empty threats like those in Nigerian films. Quoting the Bible and claiming to understand it better than anyone… Look how that turned out. I will burst out laughing, uncontrollably laughing.”

It is crucial to approach such personal choices and circumstances with respect and compassion, acknowledging that every individual has unique experiences and perspectives that deserve understanding and acceptance.