Andrew Kibe Opens up About 'EATING' Mungai Eve and Bribing His Boyfriend Trevor -

Andrew Kibe Opens up About ‘EATING’ Mungai Eve and Bribing His Boyfriend Trevor

YouTuber Andrew Kibe, a figure known for his polarizing content, has once again found himself in the spotlight due to his controversial comments. Kibe recently took to his live YouTube session to discuss what might unfold if he were to return to Kenya. During this session, he did not mince words when expressing his disagreements with certain individuals and speculating on their potential behavior upon his return.

Among the individuals caught up in a heated dispute with Kibe are Mungai Eve and her partner, Director Trevor. Mungai Eve took the drastic step of blacklisting Andrew Kibe on all of her social media platforms, primarily in response to Kibe’s persistent and derogatory comments targeting both her and her boyfriend, Trevor.

Kibe boldly proclaimed that Director Trevor and Mungai Eve would likely be among the first to approach him for an interview upon his return to Kenya. He asserted that this anticipation stemmed from the fact that the duo had already made it clear they were prepared to confront Kibe physically upon his arrival. According to Kibe, his initial response upon encountering Mungai Eve’s partner would be to maintain direct eye contact and challenge him to engage physically.

Kibe continued by suggesting that he anticipated Trevor’s nervousness in this confrontation. To add an unconventional twist, Kibe even mentioned the possibility of offering Trevor some money as a gesture of goodwill before proceeding to share an intimate moment with Trevor’s girlfriend, Mungai Eve.

It’s important to note that Kibe made these remarks in a provocative and confrontational manner. He emphasized that he was not making these statements lightly, as he believes in standing by his words. It’s worth mentioning that Kibe’s return to Kenya remains uncertain, as he is currently residing in the United States for an undisclosed period of time.