I caught my husband and niece having sex on my couch after coming back from a work conference

Three weeks ago, I called my niece who was in the village to come to take care of my home since I was going to a work conference. I had two young kids and they needed a caregiver for the few days I would be away. My husband was also comfortable with the idea and my niece came to my house just a day before I left.

I left the following morning and my conference which was in Nakuru was to take three days. However, the following day, my neighbour called me and told me that she heard my husband and niece having sex on the couch when the children went to sleep. I could not believe it and she told me to go and confirm it myself.

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I, therefore, lied to my boss that I had gotten sick and told him that I wanted to go home so that I could see my doctor. I did not inform either my husband or niece that I was on my way home because I wanted to catch them right in the act.

I called my neighbour and she told me the best thing to do was to order a sticking spell even before reaching home so that I could teach them a lesson. She sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and when I called him, I told him of my suspicions and he cast the spell so that my husband and niece could get stuck together if they had sex again.

I arrived in Kilimani some minutes to 9 pm and I went straight to my neighbour’s house to wait for my husband and niece to get into their sexual moods. Why African couples are not romantic

At around 11 pm, we heard screams coming from my house and my husband kept saying he was stuck.

“Please help us, I am stuck under her,” I heard him. I then realized that my neighbour had been telling me the truth about my husband’s affair.  I stormed into the house and they were all so scared to see me. They thought I was in Nakuru but there I was, catching them right in the act.

They were so ashamed and started begging me for forgiveness. They were unstuck after some few hours later by Daktari and I beat up my niece and sent her back to the village. My husband asked for forgiveness from me and he promised me he would never cheat on me again. I am glad I was able to teach them a lesson.

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What is Marriage Spell

A marriage spell, often associated with traditional African spiritual practices, is a form of ritual aimed at strengthening or repairing marital bonds, enhancing love and commitment, or even influencing the behavior of a partner. Mugwenu Doctors are purported practitioners of these rituals, claiming to possess ancient knowledge and spiritual powers to perform such spells. The process typically involves a consultation with the doctor, who may prescribe specific rituals or ingredients tailored to the individual’s situation.

3,219 African Couple Valentines Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock  Photos from DreamstimeIn your case, after discovering your husband’s infidelity with your niece, seeking the assistance of Mugwenu Doctors might involve rituals to address the betrayal, restore trust, and ensure fidelity in the marriage. These rituals could include prayers, incantations, herbal remedies, or other ceremonial acts believed to influence the spiritual or psychological dynamics of the relationship.

While the effectiveness of such practices is largely based on personal belief and cultural tradition, proponents claim that marriage spells can bring about positive changes in relationships by aligning spiritual energies or invoking divine intervention. However, it’s essential to approach such matters with caution and critical thinking, considering the complexities of human relationships and seeking professional guidance when needed.

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