“Nimechoka Kuambiwa Niliharibu Ndoa” Karen Nyamu Begs People To Stop Trolling Her

Karen Nyamu is tired of being called a home wrecker for dating Samidoh who is a married man.

The mother of three recently faced off with trolls who were trying to make her feel bad for dating Samidoh.

Facebook user Njogu Muthoni told Nyamu that she will not have peace because of Edday’s tears.

“A real woman will never break another woman’s home to make her own home. A home built with another woman’s tears will not stand,” Njogu Muthoni commented on Karen Nyamu’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu told Muthoni that she has heard enough of people calling her a home wrecker.

“Njogu Muthoni wah tumechoka na hii line sasa tumeskia,” Karen Nyamu fired back.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have been having a bliss ever since the singer’s first wife Edday Nderitu and her three children went to the US.

Edday and her three children left for US early in May 2023 and were seen off by her husband Samidoh.

Samidoh’s wife and the kids arrived in US and they were met by her America-based friend Bernice Saroni.

Bernice is hosting Edday and her children at her home in Boston, Massachusetts.