Mother kicked out of hospital for lacking KSh1,000 gives birth on Roadside -

Mother kicked out of hospital for lacking KSh1,000 gives birth on Roadside

In a devastating incident that highlights the dire state of healthcare accessibility in Kitengela sub-county, a pregnant woman named Mary Wanjiro was turned away from the local hospital due to her inability to pay Sh1,000. As a result, she was forced to give birth on a roadside in Noonkopir, leading to the tragic loss of her baby. This incident sheds light on the pressing issue of healthcare inequity and the urgent need for systemic changes to ensure that no one is denied essential medical care.

The Painful Ordeal:

Mary Wanjiro, anticipating the arrival of her second child, experienced excruciating pain on Tuesday night and promptly sought help at the Kitengela sub-county hospital. However, to her disbelief and dismay, the nurses on duty refused to admit her without the upfront payment of Sh1,000. Despite pleading with the medical staff and explaining that her husband would bring the money, Wanjiro’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

A Desperate Night:

Left with no alternative, Wanjiro was forced to spend the night outside the hospital’s wards, enduring the cold on a bench. The following morning, the nurses, callously demanding the same Sh1,000, once again denied her entry into the hospital. Desperate and dejected, she embarked on the journey back to Noonkopir. However, the physical toll and exhaustion forced her to seek refuge and rest on the roadside near her home.

Tragic Outcome:

Tragically, while she lay on the roadside, Wanjiro gave birth to her baby, who was already deceased. The lack of assistance and medical care compounded the already distressing situation, resulting in the loss of an innocent life. The scene, further exacerbated by the absence of prompt police response, left Wanjiro stranded with her deceased child for hours.

The Hospital’s Response:

Dr. Veronica Abuto, the Medical Officer of Health at the hospital, expressed her bewilderment at Wanjiro’s claims, stating that they had no record of her presence the previous night. Dr. Abuto emphasized that the hospital does not require a payment of Sh1,000 for admission. However, Wanjiro maintained that she could identify the nurses she had interacted with, insisting that they had indeed turned her away.

Failure of Authority:

Adding insult to injury, despite the gravity of the situation, the police were informed of the distressing incident at midday but had failed to arrive even by 4.30 pm. This delay in responding to a tragic event further underscores the need for more efficient emergency services and a heightened sense of urgency in such critical situations.

Mary Wanjiro’s distressing ordeal and the tragic loss of her baby serve as a heart-wrenching reminder of the deep-rooted flaws within the healthcare system in Kitengela sub-county. No person should ever be denied medical care due to their inability to pay, especially in critical situations such as childbirth. This incident calls for immediate attention and concrete actions to address the issues of healthcare accessibility, affordability, and accountability. It is essential for authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly, rectify any negligence or misconduct, and implement substantial reforms to ensure that such a tragedy never occurs again. Every individual, regardless of their financial circumstances, deserves the right to receive timely and adequate healthcare, particularly during moments of vulnerability like childbirth.