“We’re Not Short of Options” Nairobi Business Community Sends Warning to Ruto & Gachagua

The Nairobi Business Community has issued a stern caution to President William Ruto and Deputy President Riggy Gachagua. This group, comprised of influential traders mainly from Nyamakima, has voiced their dissatisfaction with the current administration’s failure to fulfill its promises made during the 2022 general election campaign.

These traders, who played a significant role in maintaining peace in Nairobi’s Central Business District during the opposition protests of 2017 and 2023, have emphasized that they are not short of options when it comes to the political landscape of 2027. They have warned that unless the Kenya Kwanza Government addresses their grievances, they will be forced to explore alternative political alliances as the next general election approaches.

The community’s frustrations arise from what they perceive as the government’s incapacity to provide adequate business opportunities, the aggressive tactics employed by county askaris, and the burdensome tax regulations enforced by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). According to them, these issues are impeding their ability to conduct business and prosper in the nation’s capital.

“We have exercised patience and offered our support,” stated a spokesperson for the group during a press briefing. “However, there is a limit to our patience. We demand action, and we demand it promptly. Should our concerns remain unaddressed, we will be left with no alternative but to seek leadership that will heed our voices and act on our behalf.”

The Nairobi Business Community’s warning serves as a clear indication to the Ruto administration that the support of the business sector is not unconditional. With the 2027 elections looming, the group’s position could signify a significant change in Kenya’s capital’s political landscape.

While the government has yet to respond to the ultimatum, the declaration by the business community has already sparked discussions among political analysts and citizens alike. The days ahead are anticipated to witness heightened activity as both sides navigate this latest challenge to the nation’s political stability.