Cartoon Comedian: From Hawking  Omena in Mathare to Making Millions on YouTube and Brand Deals.

Cartoon Comedian is a renowned actress and comedian from Kenya who achieved fame through her humorous acts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her journey to success has been far from easy, but her persistence and hard work eventually paid off.

Vanessa Akinyi, also known as Cartoon Comedian, was born in Pumwani but grew up in Kayole, Nairobi. Despite coming from a humble background, she was determined to make it in life. She attended Donholm Primary School, where her natural humor was evident even at a young age. After completing her secondary education, she decided to start hustling to earn a living and support her parents.

Life was tough, and she had to resort to selling Omena in the slums of Mathare to make ends meet. However, she remained optimistic that things would change someday. Her big break came when Churchill noticed her during a theater training session. She was given several chances to perform on the Churchill Show, but success eluded her.

Undeterred, Cartoon Comedian decided to start making funny skits with her best friend, Diana Daisy, and a certain boy. One of her skits, which featured her boyfriend who spoke too much English despite coming from the ghetto, went viral, and her life changed forever. The video, which has over forty thousand views online, entertained many Kenyans, and her popularity soared.

Cartoon Comedian started publishing her content on her YouTube channel, which she used to boost her social media pages. Her fan base grew, and she became a bigger brand, earning a good amount of money from her content. She also started landing lucrative deals, including being a brand ambassador for several beauty products. She even opened her own closet in Ngara, Nairobi.

Apart from comedy, Cartoon Comedian also ventured into music, and her songs have also gained millions of views on YouTube. Her life has changed significantly, and she now lives a lavish lifestyle in a furnished apartment and even bought herself a car. Despite her success, she remains private about her family and relationship status, although she has suffered depression after going through a heartbreak.

In conclusion, Cartoon Comedian’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, persistence, and optimism. Despite facing numerous challenges, she refused to give up on her dreams and eventually achieved success beyond her wildest imagination.