‘Tufike Bei sasa Ksh 2 million na Six Bulls ‘ Dem Wa Facebook Bride Price

Kenyan comedian Dem Wa Facebook, currently enjoying her newfound fame, has set clear expectations for potential suitors. In a bold announcement, she declared a bride price of Ksh 2 million (approximately USD $17,000) along with six cows.

“That’s the price,” Dem Wa Facebook stated, encouraging interested men to come forward. “[This is] for the man who wants to make me his wife.”

The comedian has quickly become a fan favorite with her hilarious content, often teaming up with her mentor and boss, Obinna. Their on-screen chemistry never fails to entertain audiences.

Hailing from Kayole, Dem Wa Facebook’s journey to stardom began when Obinna, a seasoned comedian, took her under his wing. Her father has expressed gratitude to Obinna for his guidance and support.

Despite rumors and playful speculation from fans who notice their undeniable chemistry, Dem Wa Facebook and Obinna maintain that they are just colleagues. Obinna even jokingly remarked that she’s “not his type.”

Dem Wa Facebook recently turned heads at Amber Ray’s daughter’s birthday party, not only with her comedic skits but also with her stylish red dress and glamorous makeover. She humorously declared herself Amber Ray’s co-wife, adding to the event’s lighthearted atmosphere.