Ailing woman dies weeks to completion of her house built by Karangu Muraya & wellwishers in Kiambu

Artists Karangu Muraya and Betty Bayo have been working together to raise funds to build a new modern house for ailing Mama Lawrence, who lived in Witeithie Village in Juja, Kiambu County. Mama Lawrence had been in and out of hospitals for three years, suffering from constant shortness of breath. Her illness was reportedly a result of years of doing menial jobs, including laundry work.

Karangu and Betty made their first visit to Mama Lawrence’s home on November 9th of last year. At that time, her son Lawrence spoke about the struggles they faced, including sleeping on empty stomachs and raising money for electricity to power an oxygen cylinder. By the end of the month, Betty had gifted Mama Lawrence a plot of land in Makuyu and announced the start of a new house project.

In February of this year, the house was 70 percent complete, with only plaster, tiles, windows, and doors remaining. However, Mama Lawrence passed away before she could move into her new home. Betty Bayo broke the news on Saturday and expressed shock over her passing. She took to Facebook to pay tribute to Mama Lawrence and expressed her hope that the house would still be completed.

Karangu Muraya also spoke out against critics who claimed that Mama Lawrence died of excitement upon seeing her new home. He called his generation “heartless” and defended Mama Lawrence’s memory.

Despite Mama Lawrence’s passing, the efforts of Karangu Muraya and Betty Bayo to build her a new home and cover her medical expenses have brought attention to the plight of those struggling with illness and poverty. Their work serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting those in need and the power of community action to bring about positive change.