UDA Officials reveals of Gachagua’s whereabouts after his phone went off

Sylvanus Osoro, the Member of Parliament for Manyatta, recently addressed concerns from Kenyans about the absence of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking on Saturday, Osoro explained that Gachagua is taking a brief break from his political duties to rest.

“I’ve noticed people are worried about the Deputy President’s absence in the political arena,” Osoro said. “He has been working continuously and is now taking about a week off to rest. Let him have his break,” added the MP for Mugirango South.

Osoro also mentioned that Gachagua will be in Nyeri on Sunday to address any concerns directly. “I understand he will be in Nyeri tomorrow, where he will speak for himself. It has been a challenging time for him.”

Additionally, Osoro urged political leaders to avoid being used for political gain and to steer clear of personal politics, instead focusing on development.

“Our primary focus in political positions should be on development rather than deceit or personal politics,” he emphasized.

Osoro’s comments follow questions from Kenyans about the Deputy President’s recent absence from several important duties over the past few weeks. Some media reports have noted that Gachagua missed at least 11 crucial government functions. Despite this, the President and the Deputy President have been actively receiving international guests and attending numerous events together, including county tours.