Kakamega man who underwent vasectomy finds out wife is pregnant

In a surprising turn of events, a 36-year-old man who willingly underwent a vasectomy in 2022 was left astounded when his wife revealed that she is pregnant.

Speaking to Citizen TV during an interview, the man from Kakamega shared that he and his wife had agreed to pursue a vasectomy after having three children. He had volunteered to take on the responsibility of family planning, recognizing the heavy burden often placed on women.

“After having three children, we felt content and did not desire to expand our family further. Initially, we had only planned for two kids, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were blessed with one more child. We decided to explore a permanent method of contraception,” he explained.

He further added, “As men, we often believe that family planning is solely the domain of women, urging them to make decisions about the contraceptive methods they prefer.”

In July of last year, he underwent a vasectomy, which is considered a permanent form of contraception. The doctor had assured him that he would be safe after 20 ejaculations or three months. For several months, they believed they were safeguarded against an unplanned pregnancy.

However, their world was turned upside down in October, when his wife’s menstrual cycle did not occur as expected. Concerned, he questioned her about the situation. “I asked her why she hadn’t experienced her period this time,” he recounted.

His wife speculated that her irregular cycles were a result of previous pregnancies. As time went on, their suspicions grew, leading them to consult a doctor in December to investigate the possibility of pregnancy.

Shockingly, the test results came back positive. “It was incredibly stressful for our family. We consulted with doctors, who reassured us that this can sometimes occur and presented us with two potential explanations,” he revealed.

The husband explained that the pregnancy could be attributed to residual sperm that had not been completely removed during the vasectomy procedure or a failure of the process itself.

Now, the man has been advised to undergo a sperm count alongside his wife, who is expected to give birth in June, just a month away. This unexpected turn of events has left their family in a state of disbelief and uncertainty.

The incident serves as a reminder that even permanent contraceptive methods may not always guarantee complete effectiveness. It raises questions about the reliability of such procedures and the need for continued awareness and understanding surrounding family planning options.

As the couple prepares to welcome their fourth child, they hope to find answers and closure regarding this perplexing situation that has left them bewildered and searching for answers.