A newly married lady discovers husband has no leg after their wedding

A man named Jado, who faces physical challenges, recently shared his experience of concealing his disability from his fiancée until after their wedding, fearing that she might reject him.

After two years of dating, Jado and his bride made the decision to marry. However, his fiancée was completely unaware that he did not have legs. Jado lost his legs in a childhood incident involving a bomb blast. He confessed that he chose to withhold this information from his wife due to past encounters where women had abandoned him upon discovering his disability.

During an interview with Afrimax TV, Jado opened up about his reasons for keeping his disability a secret. He explained that he was afraid of facing rejection once again, based on his previous experiences.

On the other hand, the bride, Bora, expressed her astonishment upon discovering her husband’s lack of legs. She had always seen him using prosthetic legs, and therefore, she assumed his difficulty in walking was due to a fracture or injury.