End of an ERA Linda Nyangweso Set To Leave Kiss 100 After 11 Years
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End of an ERA Linda Nyangweso Set To Leave Kiss 100 After 11 Years

The smooth voice of Linda Nyangweso at Kiss FM will be no more in a weeks time.Nyangweso is set to quit and has confirmed that this will be her last week in kiss FM studios.

Aside from being a radio presenter, Linda is a gifted musician and a content maker.

The well known radio presenter took to Instagram to say thanks to her fans for aiding her all through her job journey. She was set to join Capital FM together with Nick Ndeda, months ago. She’s presumably headed their.

She wrote on her Instagram;

”11 years ago, I started out on @kiss100 kenya on the graveyard shift where I had room to mess up, try again, rinse then repeat. then I moved to midmorning and I was so proud of the work I did. from there I moved onto the breakfast show which was an amazing learning curve. then I started drive which became where I was most confident probably because I got the most sleep lol.

Throughout out this journey I have met some incredibly talented people both behind the mic and behind the scenes. I have worked with or around people I am forever in awe of. There have been some super high highs and some down on the dumps lows. However I have loved the job. This chapter in my life has brought people in my life that have become like a second family. however, this week will be the last one I get to laugh and get weird with you on kissfm and I am excited. Can’t wait to see you on the other side. thank you for the opportunity to entertain you.”

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