A Karen Man Found Dead After Wife Denied Him Ksh 2 Billion Loan

On Monday morning, a 50-year-old man named Francis Kambi was found dead in his room in Karen, Nairobi. The police report states that Kambi’s wife, Mary Muthoni, discovered the body in the early hours of Monday and informed the authorities.

The couple had been having domestic issues, as Kambi had refused to co-sign a loan of 2 billion Kenyan shillings (about $18 million) for Muthoni to start a business. According to the report filed at Karen Police Station, the couple had returned home from a restaurant around 1 am on Sunday after meeting with a family advocate and a relative.

However, due to their disagreement about the loan, they slept in separate rooms, and Kambi was found dead in his bedroom the next morning.

The police report states that a doctor from Karen Hospital confirmed the death at around 9 am, and the body was taken to Lee Funeral Home for an autopsy. No visible injuries were found on the body.