High School Teacher Employed by Board Frustrated After Seeing Students He Taught Employed by TSC While Still in Poverty

The country is grappling with a persistent rise in unemployment, leaving numerous qualified individuals struggling to secure stable employment. One such example is a high school teacher who graduated in 2017 but remains jobless despite his credentials.

Expressing his dismay, the teacher, who opted to remain anonymous, reached out to Philip Etale, the communication officer of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). In his communication, he highlighted the dearth of opportunities and the unequal distribution of employment, particularly within the education sector.

In a message addressed to Honorable Etale, the teacher lamented, “Hello Honorable Etale, I don’t know whether you are going to read this letter and respond to it, but I’m a really disgusted B.O.M teacher, having graduated in the year 2017, today we are in 2024 with no assurance of getting a job.”

Furthermore, the teacher expressed the anguish of seeing former students, whom he had taught in high school, now holding positions within the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) while he remains uncertain about his future. “It is painful that the students I have taught in high school currently are my bosses as they have TSC jobs, and I’m still languishing in BOM. Somebody who graduated in 2022 has a job courtesy of MP,” the teacher added.

This concern comes in the wake of an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) legislator raising alarms over the growing number of politicians from the Kisii region brandishing Teachers Service Commission (TSC) appointment letters at social gatherings.

The MP highlighted this issue following a confrontation between ODM and United Democratic Alliance (UDA) politicians during a fundraising event in Bomachoge Borabu Constituency. “One UDA MP started dishing TSC employment letters and Kenya Forestry Services employment letters,” the MP explained the incident.

Anthony Kibagendi, the Member of Parliament for Kitutu Chache, expressed intentions to address this matter in Parliament. “We are going to ask hard questions in Parliament about how some MPs can be walking around with employment letters for certain government departments,” he asserted.