Mugithi artist Kareh B son Dies in Chavakali bus Road accident

Renowned Mugithi artist Kareh B, whose real name is Mary Gioche, tragically lost her son in a devastating road accident on Tuesday. The heart-wrenching news was conveyed by her colleague Jose Gatururua (Mashette) through a poignant post on social media.

Expressing profound sympathy, Mashette wrote, “Am sorry to hear about the passing of KarehB’s Son ‘Joseph’ who was yesterday involved in a road accident. May God comfort you and give you peace that surpasses all human understanding in this difficult moment.”

In response, a wave of condolences inundated the comments section from Kareh B’s colleagues, friends, and fans. Gospel artist Mary Lincoln expressed, “Sorry for the loss. It’s painful ooooh God have mercy,” while MC Gathuba man added, “Sorry for the loss, may God comfort this family.”

Naomi Wangui reflected, “This is Saddening losing a young soul, May She be Comforted and receive strength from our good Lord. Hugs,” and Anthony Kamau extended heartfelt condolences, “Heartfelt condolences to Kareh B and may our good Lord be her comfort, may he rest in eternal peace.”

Further support poured in with Wacera Josephine commenting, “May God intervene his peace to you beautiful strong woman. You are in my prayers dear be strong.” Kareh B’s son was identified as a student at Chavakali Boys High School, tragically lost in the accident in Kisumu while traveling home for the April holidays aboard an Easy Coach bus.

This sorrowful event follows three years after Kareh B mourned the loss of her sister, Winnie Mukami. On March 18, 2024, she penned a tribute on social media commemorating her sister’s passing, expressing gratitude for the support received from family, friends, colleagues, and business partners in coping with the loss.

Additionally, Kareh B recently shared a poignant message on Facebook contemplating the inadequate discourse around addressing the well-being of young boys, particularly in the context of their premature demise.

In a gesture of empathy, Kareh B previously offered solace to the family of the renowned Kikuyu pastor Bishop JJ Gitahi upon the loss of his mother, recalling her meeting with the matriarch during the launch of Uria JJ and acknowledging her jovial demeanor.

In this trying time, Kareh B exemplifies strength and compassion, extending support to others even amidst her own profound grief.