PHOTOS: President Ruto’s adopted daughter, Nadia Cherono – Big Girl

Nadia Cherono is the adopted daughter of William Ruto, President of Kenya. Not much is known about Nadia’s background or how she came to be adopted by the Ruto family. However, it is clear that she is a loved and integral member of the family.

Nadia Cherono’s story was one of death and life as she was found partly buried before her rescue.

William Ruto has spoken publicly about his love and pride for Nadia, and has often shared photos of her on social media. In an interview with a Kenyan newspaper, Ruto described Nadia as a “blessing” to his family and said that she brings joy and happiness to their lives.

Nadia has grown up in the public eye, and has often accompanied her father on official duties and events. She is well-liked by the Kenyan people, who have seen her grow up into a confident and poised young woman.

Despite th

e high-profile nature of her family, Nadia has managed to keep a relatively low profile and has not been in the media much. However, she is known to be involved in charitable causes and has supported her father’s political campaigns.

Overall, Nadia Cherono is a beloved member of the Ruto family and an important part of the Kenyan political landscape. Her adoption by William Ruto and his wife, Rachel, is a testament to their commitment to family and their belief in the importance of providing a loving and supportive home for all children.