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Driver Was Drunk As A Skunk- Survivors of Kitui Crash Recount Last Moments.

Lucky survivors of the ill-fated Kitui matatu have spoken on what happened before the grisly road accident on the night of Saturday, June 4.

The survivors who were speaking to the press on Sunday, June 5, noted that the driver was drunk as a skunk and also very rude to the passengers.

We were over 21 people in that vehicle and the driver was drunk because he ignored our advice,

stated one of the survivors.

Another survivor speaking to Citizen TV said that the driver swerved to avoid colliding with another vehicle before the matatu flipped and swerved off the main road.

“He nearly hit a car on the road but he swerved off. When he was making his way back on the road, the car flipped and rolled over. I found myself outside the vehicle and people were scattered everywhere,” corroborated another.

Kitui Police Commander, Leah Kitheyi while confirming the incident stated that most of the victims were related by blood.

One of the family members noted that their family has been hit hard seeing that their kin were returning home from a ruracio ceremony.

“We have been hit hard because we have these children and we are thinking about how we will go about the tragedy,” she stated.